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Public Affairs

At Muelrath Public Affairs, Inc. (MPA), we know the importance of creating broad-based coalitions so our client’s positions are seen as fair, sensible and difficult to defeat.

We know that the best way to move the vote of a public official is first to move the opinions of his or her constituents. Our grassroots lobbying program is designed to educate communities and gain public support for:

  • Hotel or resort facilities
  • Single-family/multi-family housing developments
  • Mineral extraction
  • Businesses
  • Constructing new stores
  • Healthcare centers and hospitals
  • Wineries and vineyard proposals


Officials, whether elected or appointed, have witnessed the effectiveness of our program. MPA can rally supporters to attend and speak before Planning Commissions, City Councils, and Boards of Supervisors. If you’re facing public opposition, you must lessen that opposition – MPA can help.

We have founded and managed such independent groups as Citizens for Responsible Land Use, Citizens for a Better 101, Citizens for Protecting Farmland, Families for Windsor and the Family Farmers Alliance to provide our clients with effective grassroots advocacy.

In Our Public Affairs – Grassroots Lobbying Program we:

  • Build consensus behind the scenes with community leaders, government
    officials, and the media
  • Develop successful strategies with public agencies
  • Build grassroots support through direct mail, phone banks, surveys,
    and door-to-door canvassing
  • Develop public opinion surveys
  • Organize press conferences and interviews
  • Design and produce press kits and press releases
  • Develop letters-to-the-editor campaigns