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Digital Strategies

In an era increasingly reliant on the cloud, apps and smartphones, the information revolution continues to captivate the masses, putting a renewed focus on branding and marketing for the ever-increasing number of people using the Internet as their primary source of information. Muelrath Public Affairs, Inc. (MPA) applies its expertise to strategically and effectively market your project, campaign or issue to the digital world.

Our digital strategies focus on:


Website Development

MPA has written and designed countless websites for its clients, ranging from large, multi-family housing proposals to candidate and initiative campaigns. MPA’s website designs are intuitive, built for all viewer platforms (smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers) and help clients highlight their key points and engage with their target audiences.

Social Media Development

MPA knows how to catch the attention of social media users, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram. Whether we’re promoting a campaign or launching a development project from the ground up, MPA has garnered support for its clients and engaged with its users to build support and spread the word using the most widely-used social media platforms.

Message Development

Message development is an integral component of our digital strategy to ensure your messages deliver results. Before each digital effort gets underway, MPA works with its clients to understand how they’ve communicated digitally in the past, the challenges and opportunities facing each client, and how to use this information to highlight each client’s strengths while heading off or neutralizing any threats or weaknesses.

Online Advertising

MPA knows that its clients’ websites, videos and social media platforms are only as effective as the breadth of people they’re able to reach. To effectively target the appropriate audience, MPA works with its clients to optimize search engine results, run online banner ads and incorporate other mediums to put our clients on the map.

Film and Video

MPA has produced film and video for corporate and campaign clientele, providing informational and third-party testimonial footage that has been included on client websites and the web’s most popular video streaming and uploading platforms.

Effective Branding

Effectively branding your campaign, project or organization is crucial to winning public or decision-maker support. MPA produces effective logos, banner photos and other visuals that leave a lasting impression to your target audience.